Being more than 15 years in the IT-industry in different roles creating solutions with different technologies has taught me the right and wrong reasons to adopt new technologies. As an independent consultant I can give a rational advice how to innovate for the right reasons.

Web Applications

Offering your services on the Internet through a web application allows you to automate big parts of your business process. Your customers just needs a browser to connect with your service. And the best part is you can scale your service on-demand.  However, there are some issues you have to address upfront as user experience, scalability, security and search-engine-optimization. Choosing the wrong technology can have a big negative impact on your business. My experience with high performance applications, selfservice-portal solutions, e-commerce solutions and content management systems can offer you an independent advice on how to choose the best approach fitting to your use case.

Amazon Web Services

Cloud as the new normal. The public cloud offers such an advantage in costs and speed that more and more organizations are using the cloud to create their solution. The biggest cloud vendor Amazon has everything available from computing and storage to machine learning and analytics platforms. As certified AWS Architect I can give you advice on how to build your solution within Amazon Web Services.





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